Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Partner Math

After two weeks of Math by Myself the students and I were ready to add partner math. For the next couple of weeks we would as a class do Math by Myself and then as a class all at once do Partner Math. I did this because then I was able to walk around and assist those who needed help or those who may have forgot how to play their math game. Later on the students will learn how to work independently with out my help. 

The T-chart for Partner Math is very similar to Math by Myself.

With our math series the company made a game, partner talk, or individual activity for each lesson. For Partner Math I use maybe one a week from the math series and the rest I have made or found on teacherspayteachers. 

The students will go to our Daily 5 shelf and grab a math kit and the game board each day. Sometimes they will need a dry erase marker and an eraser to play the game. In each math kit there is: dice, number tiles (0-9), 12 red counters, and 12 blue counters. 

Several of my games require dominoes and if that is the case I will set out some on each table. 
I have had to make the rule this year that the students must play their math games at their desks because of losing pieces in the math kits. Everything else they do for Daily 5 they can choose where to sit. 

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