Friday, August 1, 2014

2014-2015 Classroom Tour

This year my whole classroom theme is School Girl Style's Learn Colorfully! I am so thankful I invested in this product. I am still using apples just not as much. I printed this page on the poster setting of Adobe and was able to blow it up.

View as you walk in

Far corner of my room

Looking left in my room

Stop and Drop
This is where my students turn in their assignments. The red bucket will hold the composition notebooks for special classes, the blue bucket will hold the head phones for computers, and then the green bucket at the bottom will hold our snacks. 

Close up of the drawers

Target find! Matches the Learn Colorfully perfectly!

Escape plans with Learn Colorfully border

For discipline my partner teacher and I both use 

These are laminated so I can use a dry erase marker to change the points from year to year. 

Sadly we do not get recess so we have snack at the end of the day and if they get 10 points then they get to sit wherever they would like in the room. 

Math Daily 5 board!!

Rotation board 
This year I'm only doing 4 groups 

Daily 5 reading has CAFE so I came up with SOLVE

Show work





Information Board

This is also laminated so I can use a dry erase marker to change out each year

I change out jobs every week using a dry erase marker. Number 8 is the alternate this week so they will become the Line Leader next week.

Our school mascot is an eagle so for our school wide positive behavior we SOAR 
On time

Again, I use a dry erase maker to add the students names

Class tree

Daily 5 shelf 

These drawers hold all the Math Work games (review games)

Teacher chair and dry erase board for whole group time at the carpet

The Materials Manager will grab the crate that houses plastic plates (dry erase boards), socks (erasers), and dry erase markers to use during whole group. 

Sorry for the bad picture


Anchor chart bulletin board for math

This picture shows the benches my grandpa made for my classroom

Here's the other bulletin board for anchor charts and the longer bench

Everything together :) this makes me smile

I need new labels :(

Supply shelf for the kiddos

I set the First day of 3rd grade sign there for you to see. I'll talk a class photo on Monday with them holding the sign. :) 

Close up of the supply shelf

Front board with the directions for the first day of school.  Also, this is a small rug with a body pillow the kids sit at during Daily 5. 

Each table has a number on the desk that tells the students what job they have in their group. 

The Dojo points goal is 200 for the 9 weeks. Each nine weeks the goal increases. 

Homeworkopoly board (its the same from last year)

Specials schedule 

The teacher's dream shelf :)

Drawer for every day of the week plus a next week drawer. I used red duck tape to make them match my room even more!!

Easy to file drawers 

Teacher Time table with my new slip covers for the ottomans 

My desk area (pretty similar from last year)

This schedule was made with the avery labels from Learn Colorfully. The times were written with a dry erase marker so I can change them from year to year.

My new addition to my desk :) I love that its off my desk top

Mini filling cabinet for all the Partner Math games and my lovely binder collection

Emergency Sub Folder 

I love my teaching corner :)

Accountable Talk board

AR tree (same as last year)

New curtains for the windows and curtains to hide my junk in the last four lockers

Word wall above the lockers 

Word Wall is laminated so I can write with a dry erase marker

View of the lockers with the word wall

Each locker has a laminated name tag so I can write with a dry erase marker. 

The little basket is for all the little things they want to keep with out making a mess. 

This is in my cabinet to keep up with the Eagle Bucks. This was labeled using the avery labels from Learn Colorfully. 

Side of my shelf that house my multiplication mad minute

Tray for Math by Myself and Partner Math 

The best part is I NEVER have to pass out papers

This is the end of my classroom tour, I hope you enjoyed it!! :)