Monday, September 10, 2012

Math by Myself

Math by Myself means that the students will work on their own to complete the independent practice and problem solving problems. In my classroom we discuss where they may sit during this and we make a chart. Some of the places they may sit is on the cushions, special chairs, stools, under desks, at desks or anywhere in the floor as long as it is not close to my small group table. This is actually one of the hardest part is teaching the children how to choose a spot in the room quietly and quickly. We practiced alot!

After we talked and practice about where we can sit then we begin talking about what Math by Myself is all about and we make out T-chart.

After we make the T-chart and I explain what pages to do during Math by Myself the students get their clipboard and a pencil and find a place in the room to begin. As soon as I see a student not follow the T-chart, I will ring my bell and we all come back to our seats and we discuss the T-chart. If the same child continues to break the rules of Math by Myself I will call them over and discuss. Normally the child knows the T-chart.

I choose to start with Math by Myself. I taught my lessons and then we would practice only Math by Myself for about two weeks. Later we added Partner Math. 

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