Monday, September 10, 2012

Daily 5 Math

Using the math series that our school has adopted has made Daily 5 math super easy! Each lesson has a whole group lesson mapped out using maniplitives, small group intervention suggestions for each lesson, guided practice problems, independent practice problems, problem solving practice (writing in math) and also a great homework sheet that has a reteaching side and then a practice side. Math Daily 5 is very similar to the Reading Daily 5. I do not follow the Daily 5 Math exactly the way The Sisters may have mapped out but I feel like I have taken from The Sisters and turned it into something that works from my second grade classroom.

The Daily 5 is..
Math by Myself
Partner Math (Buddy Math)
Math Writing
Math Work
Math Technology

I have an hour and twenty mintues to teach math so I have not been able to use Math Technology every day during Daily 5.


  1. What math series did your county adopt? Where can I find info on math daily 5?

  2. We adopted the Envision Math series. The Sisters have a book out about Daily 5 Reading and I started reading it and set up my reading to match their Daily 5. Then I became a math teacher but still wanted to use the idea so I set up a system that worked for me. I gathered information from blogs and just went with and tried several different way. Keep blog hopping. There is several great ideas out there.