Thursday, June 6, 2013


I have been seeing all over Pinterest the homework game "Homeworkopoly". I have been wanting to make one. Well today's the day! Here is my newest classroom management plan...

My idea is either to put this on a bulletin board or on my magnetic white broad. All students will start on "GO"  on Friday only if they turn in ALL homework ON TIME all week long. This may seem harsh but I want them to also be present every day even if they are absent due to sickness :(. They will roll the dice and then move that many spaces. If they land on an "Apple Pass" then they will draw a card and get to use the pass throughout the next week.
Apple Pass:
Pick your math partner
Extra 5 pts on test
Write with a pen
Treat Box
Choose brainbreak
Special Pencil
10 min computer time
Homework pass
choose to share a desk with friend
Go barefoot for Daily 5
Borrow teacher's chair
Skip Morning work
If the students land on "Take a Ride" then they must stay on the bus until they roll a 6. If they land on "Free homework pass" then they get a homework pass they must use the following week. They may get stuck at the "Bus Stop". In order to move from this space they must roll a 1. Lastly when they pass "GO" they get a treat from the "Treat Box".
The next thing I want to do with this game is what McDonald's does with collecting all the spaces. There are 12 spaces that are named for specials or subjects. I am going to make a check list with these 12 spaces on them that they must keep up with in their red folder and if they "collect" all 12 then they will get a Homework Pass.

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