Thursday, January 12, 2012

Read to Partner

After my students were able to Read to Self  for 20 min then I introduced Read to Partner. This is a tricky one because if it were up to the students they will want to pick their best friend (which could get them in trouble). I had to spend alot of time discussing how to pick a partner. It turns our my class can't handle picking their partner so I choose and it's the same pairs everyday. Next year if I have a class that can handle it I would much rather them picking their partner. I use leveled readers and their weekly reading story to partner read.

The pair will pick up their Read to Partner stick and go find a quiet place away from others. They will silently play rock, paper, scissor to see who goes first. Then the person reading will hold the book and read as much as they feel comfortable and when they are does the other person who will be holding the stick will say, "I heard you read.....". Then they will switch and continue to rotate until the book or story is read.

In front of my Read to Partner sticks I have three buckets which are leveled so the pairs know which book is theirs to read. The sign you see tells them to read their reading story. On Monday and Tuesday they partner read the leveled readers and on Wednesday and Thursday they partner read their reading story. The sign is laminated so I can use a dry erase marker to let them know what they are to be reading. Also, on the sign there is a small card that has the directions for Read to Partner.

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